Le Morellec, F., Anastassova, M., Lozada, J., & Falzon, P.
AAL Forum. Sweden, Norrköpping (p.201-206)
Année de publication :2013

Abstract – This article presents an exploratory study on older adults’ mobility and use of ICT. With advancing age, people are less mobile. This may cause a loss of quality of life and independence. The limited mobility may be due to personal characteristics and choices (age, education, place of residence etc.), age-related deficiencies (hearing, memory, attention etc.), changes in lifestyle, or a mismatch between the transportation offers and older adults’ needs and desires. The objective of the paper is to identify why older adults’ mobility decreases and whether ICT can provide a potential assistance for people aged 50 and more. For this, we have conducted an online questionnaire about the daily travel practices distributed to people aged 50 and more. Results show that ICT have a promising future to facilitate the mobility of older adults.