Fuchsberger, V., Neureiter, K., Moser, C., Tscheligi, M., Legrand, S., Rovarino, M-L., Lettmann F., Anastassova, M., Le Morellec, F.
AAL Forum. The Netherlands, Eindhoven (p.343-349)
Année de publication :2012

Abstract – Supporting older adults in way finding, both outdoor and indoor is the goal of the Entrance project, which seeks to develop a home platform to be used for trip planning and navigation, as well as a mobile navigation aid. In order to identify the users’ requirements regarding traveling and navigation, several studies were conducted (e.g., end user interviews, workshops, and a survey). We found out that the participants of the studies appreciated getting to know new cultures and extending their horizon, therefore they primarily conducted culture trips. Although the participants were open to use technical support for navigation, they also indicated a lack of trust in the available devices. Furthermore, they reported orientation or navigation problems e.g., in unknown cities or underground car parks, which seem to be caused by inappropriate signage or too few information points. The results suggest that the development of the navigation aid should make use of already applied navigation and orientation strategies in order to support recognition rather than recall.