[Le Morellec, F. - Présentation du papier] Anastassova, M., Panëels, S., Fuchsberger, V., Moser, C., Lozada, J.
AAL Forum. Sweden, Norrköpping
Année de publication :2013

Abstract – Services are shifted to online platforms, but older adults are often less likely to use them. The ENTRANCE project is developing a home and a mobile platform supporting older adults in trip planning and indoor navigation. The platform comprises navigation software, a serious game for enhancing orientation skills and two haptic navigation devices. These technologies were evaluated at different stages of their development using a variety of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) methods, including a set of specific HCI guidelines inspired by the Capabilities Approach (Sen, 1985). The paper focuses on a presentation of this approach and discusses its relevance for HCI. The Capability approach is a socioeconomic theoretical framework focusing on human development. It can be very useful for the design of technologies for users with specific needs because of its strong focus on ethics, dignity and support for enhancing cognitive, physical and sensory capacities.